Christmas Infographic

For Catholics, Christmas is not just a day. It is a whole SEASON! We celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ, with all due reverence and gusto that this momentous day desires. Have you ever wondered about what all happens during the Christmas season? What is an octave? Can you eat meat on Friday Read More

Saving Women from a Peloton

Right. Okay. This Peloton commercial everyone keeps talking about. Here it is if you haven’t seen it yet (Peloton Commercial). It’s rather sweet: A man gets a woman a gift that she is clearly excited about. She uses said gift, and apparently we’re all supposed to don our righteous indignation pants and save her from Read More

Yes, I’m taking forever…

Yes, I know several people have asked me to move over my TPT resources to my own site. Yes, I know I’m taking forever. I do apologize. Please be patient, and I appreciate everyone who has purchased, downloaded, and rated my materials on Teachers Pay Teachers. Here is that link again: As always, please Read More

Coming Soon!

My new website and store is in the works. You will see additions and changes over the next few weeks as I load a new system for handling my worksheets, teaching aids, etc. Fingers crossed…everything merges well with the overall website!! Here’s what to expect: On the main page will be a listing of my Read More