Day 261 – A Random Update on the Blog Stats

Wednesday, December 2, 2020 –

It has been a while since I updated you all on how much writing and whatnot has gone on this here blog. At the close of this post, here are the general stats:

  • Number of Volumes: 1
  • Pages: 335 (8.5×11 inch page)
  • Paragraphs: 5,551
  • Words: 144,188
  • Lines of text: 15,809
  • Characters (no spaces): 678,039
  • Characters (with spaces): 819,597
  • Length of time writing: 262 days (today plus day 0)

By comparison, here are some really long books for most of the categories:

  • Number of Volumes: 56, held by Devta by Muhiyyu-d-Deen Nawaab
  • Pages: 22,400 (8.25×5.85 inch page) in the book Venmurasu by Jeyamohan
  • Paragraphs: I couldn’t find a book calculated this way, but I did find that Daibosatsu Toge by Nakazato Kaizan has 1533 chapters over 41 volumes
  • Words: 3,640,000 (as of June 2020) in the book Venmurasu by Jeyamohan
  • Lines of text: I couldn’t find a list of books calculated this way, but the epic poem Mahābhārata has more than 220,000 verses
  • Characters (no spaces): there are more than 10 MILLION Japanese characters in Tokugawa Ieyasu by Sohachi Yamaoka
  • Characters (with spaces): approximately 50 MILLION characters in the Chinese novel The Legend of the Twin Dragons of the Tang Dynasty by Huang Yi
  • Length of time writing: it took 40 years to write the historical novel Li Zicheng by Yao Xueyin; it was finished in 1999

I really hope to not be doing this in 33 years. I will go nuts before getting to 50 million characters. I really, REALLY hope our Bishops stop being timid and kowtowing to government. I pray that they will get us back (ALL of us!) to Mass NOW!

Sancte Luca, ora pro nobis!

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