Day 148 – How to Rule the World in Three Easy Steps (Part III)

Tuesday, August 11, 2020 –

Why this mini-civics lesson on Fascism, fascism, totalitarian rule, and the crazy 60s? Well, let me draw some parallels for you:

Day 1 – Strength Through Discipline
There are few easy rules to “flatten the curve.” Everyone can stay home for just two short weeks, and then all our problems will be over.

Day 2 – Strength Through Community
We need to support each other by keeping our distance and wearing our arm band…uh…face mask. Doing these little things will save lives and show that you support your community because, “We are in this together!” so we need to “Do the RIGHT thing!”

Day 3 – Strength Through Action
Anyone not wearing a mask, even if they have health issues, must stay home so that the collective is safer! Anyone not wanting or able to comply should be ostracized and shunned. You know what, just pepper-spray the “selfish bastards” if you are able! Make sure you thoroughly shun the tar out of them!

Day 4 – The Growth of a Party
(P.S. HERE is where we are now, by the way.)
Make sure you show how much you care by going around an “convincing” every friend you have that if they do not follow the orders they are rude, selfish, arrogant, etc. Grow your “safe” circle as much as possible and report to the government any person or business who is not complying! You can tell a business is not complying if they have not completely redone every photo and ad campaign to show everyone happily smiling behind their mask. We should also have pro-mask Google doodles and memes around every corner to reinforce how important this movement really is!

You do not agree? Well, re-watch yesterday’s video. I cannot make anyone understand, but I won’t hold back on the knowledge bombs. #SorryNotSorry

This is not to discount the seriousness of any virus or illness people are suffering. Disease is disease, regardless of where it came from or who it affects. Individuals are within their rights to protect themselves, but they do not have the right to force others into submission.

The point of all this is merely to point out the incredible ease of turning the world on its head. It has been only a few short months, but here we sit snarling at each other over. History is doomed to repeat itself if we do not take the time to learn from it.

Heart of Jesus, desire of the everlasting hills, have mercy on us.

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