Day 131 – Maintenance Mode

Saturday, July 25, 2020 –

Today the blog will be doing the 5 billion updates that I have been putting off because I just don’t like taking the time to hit the update buttons on all the little apps and widgets and whatnots that make the darn-fangly thing run.

Also, I will be fixing the things that have been flashing red, angry notes at me every time I log into post something. Rather, I will delegate that to my beloved programmer: Mr. Flusche. Thankfully, Mr. Flusche already spent a great deal of time fixing a bunch already and arguing with my contact form. I am told it now works. I do appreciate him so much!

Anyhoo, if you cannot access the blog, know that it should come back online at some point. But, if you are reading this now, then all is working (mostly…maybe).

Blood of Christ, from which virginity flowers, save us!

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