Day 65 – Mrs. Flusche’s Super Basic Primer on the Eucharist (Part VII)

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 –

What is the Eucharistic fast?

It is the one hour of fasting from food and drink (except for water and medicine) before receiving the Eucharist. Everyone who wishes to receive the Eucharist is bound to do this. Remember, Mass isn’t always exactly one hour long, so maybe add a little extra time so you can be 100% sure you fasted properly.

What if I accidentally ate something within an hour before receiving the Eucharist?

You should not go up to receive the Eucharist if you did not fulfil the Eucharistic fast. If you truly forgot and still received the Blessed Sacrament, then it is not a mortal sin because you did not have full knowledge. However, you should consider going to Confession at the next available time. You **can** confess even venial sins.

What if I drop the Eucharist?

If you are in front of the Priest, deacon, or EMHC, they should pick it up for you and administer it to you again. Sometimes they will consume the Host for you and try giving you another. If you have already stepped aside, reverently pick up the Host and consume it immediately. Never leave the Host on the floor! If you are unsure what to do or you find a Host on the floor or in a pew, ask a Priest to help you.

What if the Precious Blood spills?

STOP! The Priest, deacon, or EMHC holding the cup should immediately stop the line with the Precious Blood and not give out any more. They should place their purificator over the spill until water can be poured over the spill and all of it can be soaked up. The cloths will then be cleaned by the sacristan so that all the Precious Blood dissolves and is not “thrown away.” See next question for more details.

It is most important to not step on the Precious Blood. Be careful and make sure you reverently walk around the spill.

What should I do if I get Precious Blood on my clothes?

Do not leave! You should immediately speak with the Priest or the sacristan after Mass. They will ask you to change out of your clothes and wash them properly for you, or you may be given explicit (detailed) instructions on how to wash your clothes.

You CANNOT just throw your clothes in the washing machine or put them in the sink! Because it is the Precious Blood, you would need to soak your clothes in water until all the Precious Blood has dissolved. This water then must be poured directly into the ground (or sacrarium), not down the drain. You continue this cycle until every last drop of the Precious Blood is gone because even a speck is Christ!

Please note: you CANNOT just pour the Precious Blood down any drain. You also cannot just pour it on the ground or in the sacrarium. You MUST dissolve the Eucharist (including the Precious Blood) in an ablution cup filled with water before pouring it on the ground or in the sacrarium.

What if I throw up after receiving the Eucharist?

Immediately ask a Priest or sacristan to help you. They will put the Host that was vomited into a tub of water and let it dissolve. This water will then be poured directly onto the ground (dirt).

What if I throw up on the Priest?

Try not to. If you are feeling sick, do NOT go up for Communion. If you accidentally throw up on the Priest, he will pray for you. He will also have to get his very expensive vestments cleaned. Out of courtesy, I recommend you offer to pay for dry cleaning.

Can I take the Eucharist back to my pew?

NO! Never walk away with the Eucharist. You should immediately consume the Host when it is given to you.

Can I take the Eucharist home?

NO! You may never take the Eucharist outside of Church. Even if you are an EMHC you have to take the Eucharist directly from Church to the person receiving the Blessed Sacrament. You cannot stop along the way or go home.

Seriously, STOP! No, you cannot go out for breakfast first. No, you should not stop and chat with friends after Mass. You have Jesus Christ with you!! He is really and truly present with you, and it would be really rude to stop and do something else and totally ignore Him!

Can I give the Eucharist to anyone? Can I share the Eucharist given to me?

NO! You cannot share the Eucharist with anyone. If Father is running out of the Eucharist in his ciborium, then he will be the person to break them to ensure that everyone who wants to receive and who can receive is able. You should NOT break yours and share it, ever!

Saint Erasmus, pray for us!

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