Day 20 – It is Okay to be Not Okay

Sunday, April 5, 2020 –

Like many Catholics, Andrew and I are struggling with TV Mass. We’ve made every effort to get up and put on our Sunday best for Mass, and we even watch daily Mass, night prayer, etc. We have a little home altar and a whole room dedicated for use in our domestic Church.

Despite our best efforts, we ache! We long for our Lord!

Yes, we absolutely know that Mass is still being celebrated. Yes, we know Christ is still present in all the Tabernacles of the world. Yes, we do understand uniting ourselves to Christ is a spiritual Communion, and do so frequently.

Likewise, we are fully aware that we participate in the Mass with our prayers, not our physical presence in the pews. We also know that there were countless saints who went years without access to the Sacraments.

However, it still isn’t easy. Hearing and seeing people—other Catholics—say to “suck it up” really isn’t helping.

It is perfectly acceptable to miss being in our Lord’s presence. It is normal to be sad, distressed, frustrated, and lost right now.

We need to lean on our faith. That doesn’t mean going without the Sacraments isn’t supposed to hurt. Being apart from our Lord **should** hurt.

You don’t have to feel or be “fine” with all of this, and you definitely shouldn’t listen to anyone telling you to “suck it up.”

Saint Isaac Jogues, pray for us!

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