Day 12 – One Totally Normal Thing Happened this Lent

Saturday, March 28, 2020 –

I think we can all agree that this has been the Lentiest Lent we have ever Lented! Nothing seems normal.

However, tomorrow is Passion Sunday. It is the Fifth Sunday of Lent and marks the two-week countdown to Easter. And…it was our chance to do one normal thing this Lent.

The veiling of statues during Passiontide is an ancient Catholic practice that corresponds to the former Gospel reading from the old liturgical calendar about how Jesus hid Himself away from the Jews when they attempted to stone Him (John 8: 46-59).

During Passiontide all Crucifixes and sacred images (statues) are veiled until before the Easter vigil. We mourn the loss of the Bridegroom. The Gloria is neither said nor sung. And, in the traditional calendar, Psalm 42 is omitted at ferial Masses until Holy Thursday.

Even with all of that, Passiontide give me hope! Easter is almost here!

Because Andrew and I are keeper of the Passiontide veils, we were able to put them up at Church. So, while Passiontide brings sorrow, it is also a very vivid reminder that Lent is almost over.

And in case you are wondering, our Crucifix takes 10 yards of violet fabric, has four removable counterweights in back, three people to lift the weight of the veil, and one scrappy man who brings a really tall ladder to reach our Lord!

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us!

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