Day 10 – Do not Adjust your Screens…Catholics are Taking Over the Internet

Thursday, March 26, 2020 –

It is an amazing and wondrous time. Amidst this pandemic, our devout and holy priests can minister to us as best they are able through a vast array of technologies.

While “TV Mass” is no substitute for us adoring the Lord in person, it has been a great comfort knowing there are Masses said around the clock that you can tune into.

It has been a steep learning curve for some, but all our priests are doing a great job! Kudos to you all for speed learning how to live stream, and a huge thank you for basically letting the billion or so Catholics on earth follow you around via the internet. We truly appreciate all our good and holy priests!

Suddenly, we have at our fingertips numerous Masses, liturgy of the hours, digital resources, instructional videos, priest QandAs, etc. It is incredible, but also overwhelming. To be honest, it is difficult not falling into the trap of over-consuming all these new videos, Masses, etc.

Andrew and I have really made an effort to limit screen time so we’re not watching Masses and Catholic content 24/7. I had to turn off some of the “[Father Name] is live now” notifications. My computer was pinging every few minutes!

It’s certainly not bad to tune in—it is even encouraged to (digitally) lean on your faith in these times—but we do need to make sure we are also keeping our household in check.

Saint Clare of Assisi, pray for us!

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