Day 8 – Checking on Your Neighbors

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 –

Have you checked on your neighbors? Do you know their names and contact information? Have you made sure they are safe and supplied?

Andrew and I are fortunate to live in a fairly close-knit neighborhood. We know everyone on our block and many people down side streets. Aside from one family who has made it abundantly clear they want associations with nobody, we are blessed to be on such good terms with those literally closest to us.

When not in the throes of a global pandemic, we eat meals together, go on walks or other outings, trade recipes, have community meetings over cake, exchange gifts at Christmas, have smores around backyard fires, and help each other whenever and wherever we can. There is an unspoken pact that if one of us moves, we all must move.

It has been particularly difficult not being physically around our neighbor friends this last week. However, we’re doing our best to keep each other upright!

If you don’t already know your neighbors, now is a good time to leave a note on their door with your contact information. Let them know they can reach out to you anytime if they need help.

Are you going to the grocery store? Can you do a pharmacy run for someone? Do you have a killer recipe for canned green beans?

On our block, we text each other and ask if anyone has a list they need filling. It helps lower the number of people in stores and is a comfort knowing someone is checking in.

More than just the physical needs, have you checked on their emotional / mental health? Several of our neighbors are medical professionals and first responders. They need you! They need someone to listen, give them emotional support, and a virtual hug.

Come together (as a socially distanced) community. Lean on each other and listen. Like a good neighbor, stay over there, but also check in and help those around you. Make sure they have everything they need.

Saint Martha, pray for us!

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