Day 2 – Christ’s Triumph Over the Darkness

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 –

The day before this all began, I started reading “Christus Vincit: Christ’s Triumph Over the Darkness of the Age” by Bishop Athanasius Schneider. Call it Divine Providence or happy accident that this book was next in line.

If you haven’t gotten to this one in your pile of Catholic reading, move it up the stack…since we all have more time now anyway.

As I read the beginning about Bishop Schneider and his family’s trials under Communism and their perseverance in the Faith without access to Sacraments, it was a sobering moment to read from a living person who knows the true value of our Faith. It was a much-needed gift to have someone speak about living through true absence of Sacraments.

We must find within us the desire to keep Christ alive in our homes, a renewed embrace of the Domestic Church. During these times, it is especially important to rely on our Faith, to keep holy the Sabbath, to make good examinations of conscience, to make devout Spiritual Communions, etc.

Now is the time to dig deep into our Faith and grow closer to our Lord. We need Christ in our lives. He nourishes us! He sustains us!

Saint Athanasius, pray for us!

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