Day 300 – Break Day and Another Show with 300 Episodes

Sunday, January 10, 2021 –

Whew! I cannot believe I finished the weekday devotionals. It was touch and go there for a couple of days, and I might have stayed up too late a few nights trying to spackle something intelligent together. EEK!

Anyhoo, today marks the 300th “episode” of the blog. Yes, dear reader, it has been 300 days since the suspension of Mass AND the never-ending dispensation went into effect in my diocese. Thankfully, we have Mass again (sadly, some dioceses STILL do not! Grr!), but we still have the ridiculously unnecessary dispensation in place.

Okay, I promise to not jump on my soapbox today. Instead, I am going to revel in the notion that I have done 300 “episodes.” What else has done 300 episodes, you are so not asking? Well…

The Red Green Show

So technically they did 305 episodes, but I’m getting there. Yes, the early 90s to 2006 Canadian show made famous by American PBS telethons is my current benchmark of how long I have been writing. Go me!

Sadly, we are quickly approaching a year of posts. So help me, y’all are going to start seeing some episodes on repeat!

Sancti Cyrille et Methodi, orate pro nobis!

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