Day 176 – Before We Continue…Watch THIS!

Tuesday, September 8, 2020 –

As we approach another election, it has become quite evident that many Catholics have zero clue what our Church teaches. The “catholic” politicians consistently show their utter lack of morals by voting for abortion, contraception on demand, euthanasia, homosexual “marriage,” and the like.

STOP! You cannot be Catholic and pro-abortion! You cannot be Catholic and for homosexual “marriage.” You also cannot be Catholic and vote Democrat. Sorry, but that is the truth. You cannot vote for a party platform as utterly depraved as the Democrat platform.

Sadly, many of our Priests no longer preach on faith and morals. Even worse, most of them are scared beyond belief to preach about faith and morals even remotely close to an election because they might be perceived as telling you who to vote for. Spoiler alert: there is always an election going on, and our morals do NOT take a hiatus just because liberals threaten to yank our tax-exempt status.

Be brave, dear Priests. We desperately need to hear from you all about what the Church teaches. We yearn to know the TRUTH and to live upright, moral lives. Teach us! Please!

On that note, here is a brave Priest doing just that…teaching, leading! Bravo, Father Altman! Stay strong and keep guiding your flock.

And, to boot, a wonderful Bishop standing up for the truth! Thank you, Bishop Strickland (Tyler, Texas). We need more shepherds like you!

God bless these wonderful men. Keep them strong. Angels of God, stand by them and guide them as they teach the truth and the Faith.

Holy Mary, pray for us!

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