Day 117 – Mrs. Flusche’s Basic Primer on Holy Days (Part IV)

Saturday, July 11, 2020 –

Today is going to be super easy, promise! Now that we have gotten the nutty flavor of history out of the way, I am going to focus on just the Holy Days of Obligation observed in the United States. To make it super easy, I am just going to post a lovely flow chart of Holy Days.

Yup, that is it! Today is just an easy to read chart that tells you when to go to Mass on Holy Days of Obligation.

For those who want to download the 2-page print version to make a happy, little poster, click HERE.

For those who want just a pic, keep scrolling…

Tomorrow I will cover some “fun facts” about Holy Days. Okay, so basically I am using “fun facts” to make random things sound more interesting.

Blood of Christ, torrent of mercy, save us!

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