Day 102 – SIXTEEN Years Down! A Lifetime to Go!

Friday, June 26, 2020 –

It is hard to wrap my head around the idea that sixteen years ago Mr. Flusche and I received the Sacrament of Matrimony. It does not seem like it has been that long, but so says my calendar.

I am honored that the Lord would give me such an amazing man to care for our little family. I cannot imagine my life without Mr. Flusche, and I love every second with him, even the itchy-struggly bits! He has been there for me at my worst, and shouted for joy at my best. We help each other and strengthen each other. We laugh and cry together, and we keep plugging forward.

I love you, Mr. Flusche! I am honored to fight for your soul and help you get to heaven, and I am thrilled you fight for me. Thank you, my love, for all you have done for me.

And especially, thank you Lord for the incredible gift of my beloved husband and our wonderful marriage! Here’s to a lifetime together!

Heart of Jesus, House of God and Gate of Heaven, have mercy on us!

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