Day 308 – What has Mrs. Flusche been up to of late?

Monday, January 18, 2021 –

Well, now that we are out of Captain’s Logs, I suppose I should get on with new posts, or at least tell you all what Mr. Flusche and I have been up to. Apparently, when setting up a homestead there are many, many chores:

Finishing the garden beds (with Neighbor Dan’s help). For the record, that means moving 40 tons of rock AND roughly 40 tons of dirt/compost mix. Also, we need more of both.

Planning out the next couple of garden beds for berries (coming late spring to be nursed back from bare roots and planted early fall) and the mini orchard and grape trellises (also coming in spring). Thankfully, the strawberry and blueberry bins are ready to go, but the blackberry and raspberry beds need to be built around the new back porch.

Also planning our new back porch, fire pit, compost bins, and axe throwing range…because who doesn’t need an axe throwing range!?

Installing solar on my potting shed. This is a Mr. Flusche and Neighbor Dan task. They apparently decided we needed to start looking into off the grid. In reality, I think this is just an excuse for the two of them to buy tools and play with electricity.

Installing lights in, on, and around my shed. This was my request. You know…since we are going to have solar out there anyway. Really, it is just an excuse for me to buy some delightfully chic, modern farmhouse barn lights because I’m actually a secret farm snob.

Ordering my 2021 seeds, rhizomes, plants, etc. and duly cataloging them into the ever-growing digital seed vault. Yes, I have a digital seed vault because I am THAT nerdy! I mean, there is the “hard copy” of all m actual seeds sitting in our upstairs fridge, but I also have a handy-dandy, cross-referenceable database of all my seeds and stuff. Woot! Go nerd!

Converting my office into a temporary greenhouse whilst attempting to maintain some functionality as an office. Umm…yeah…more on that in a few days. Mr. Flusche and Neighbor Dan are taking bets on whether the cops or fire department get called first. Muahahaha!

Finishing my mother’s bathroom and trying to find a contractor willing to take on our expansion and remodel project. Mr. Flusche and I finally got around to converting my mother’s tiny 1950s bathroom tub with multiple layers of chipping glaze into a lovely and accessible shower with a fold down teak seat. Whew! Now we just need to get a contractor over to expand our little empire (ahem…house) and remodel my horribly outdated and cripplingly small kitchen. Basically, I need cabinets and countertops EVERYWHERE!

Readying my seed trays for the winter seed sprouting months. Yup, it is that time again. Time to start all the annual fruits and veggies from their itty-bitty seeds and pray that they grow big and strong before our last frost for transplant.

So, there you have it. Winter means doing all the little maintenance and finding new and innovative ways to cram fun and fulfilling things into our quarter acre.

Sancte Bernarde, ora pro nobis!

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